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CPTED Security Ordinance

There are many cities nationwide who have enacted a CPTED ordinance in conjunction with their general security ordinance. CPTED principles have been integrated into these security ordinances, giving builders a clear idea as to what is recommended and required in the way of security. It also gives law enforcement the ability to mandate minimum security standards. We have experience in working with governmental agencies in writing guidelines for CPTED ordinances. Copies of actual CPTED Security Ordinances can be provided to you upon request. Send us an email outlining your need and we can work with you to write your own CPTED ordinance or provide you sample copies of existing ordinances for a nominal processing fee. It is difficult to enforce security requirements without a written ordinance, however there are some things which can be done in the absence of an ordinance such as:

  • Building and Planning Code Enforcement - All cities have building codes which can be enforced to compel the owners of problem properties to make improvements. One strategy used is to enlist the assistance of Code Enforcement officers to sit down and negotiate with the property owner. Compile a list of CPTED related security recommendations and provide it to the property owner, along with the Building Code violations. Many times the building owner will agree to make the CPTED related improvements in exchange for additional time in addressing the other building code violations. The key here is stressing to the owner that you are is willing to work with them to get their building up to standards, in lieu of large fines.

  • New Construction Plan Approval - Even if your city does not have a CPTED security ordinance, you can work with your city planning department to include your CPTED recommendations when reviewing and approving plans for new construction. These can also be written into the building code.

  • CPTED Guide - Provide a copy of your city's CPTED practices and recommendations at the time of permit application. This will assist the builder with incorporating good CPTED design practices at the early design stages. We can work with you to create a guide which is designed specifically for your city with your logos and text.

For more information about our CPTED Security Ordinance services, contact us here.



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